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Hundreds of  Central West Florida Fishermen have Lost Their Lives...
The 'Florida Fishermen Lost at Sea' Memorial will honor them.

Sculpture Memorial Model

Many fishing communities in North America have a memorial for our fishermen that fish their lives in this dangerous profession dedicated to bringing fresh seafood to our tables.

Many lives are lost every year with no memory for future generations to see and appreciate the ultimate price paid by these brave individuals.  Central West Florida fishermen harvest 80% of the Gulf Grouper landed and these fishermen need proper representation. 

John’s Pass Historic Fishing Village & Boardwalk Merchant's Association and the Old Salt Fishing Foundation have teamed up to head the Florida Fishermen Lost at Sea Memorial for Central West Florida


A fund Raising Campaign is underway to build a fitting memorial to these  many brave fishermen at historic John's Pass.

(Florida Fishermen Lost at Sea is a not for profit organization)

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